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In partnership with Cannabio Inc., TICA has curated the greatest minds in cannabis and hemp genetics to provide expertise in industrial cultivation, research, and a myriad of other services designed to protect, create and distribute engineered cannabis and hemp genetics globally. Through this partnership, TICA provides a range of cultivation and breeding services to the cannabis industry with access to one of the largest genetic libraries in the world.


Efficient and sustainable cultivation practices lie at the heart of the cannabis and hemp industries. The leadership of our organization has been deeply entrenched into the industry for several decades and provides unparalleled guidance and support based upon years of firsthand knowledge.
At TICA, our team of experts help fast track propagation in any climate utilizing the best methods and technologies available in the industry.


The core of our organization is built to the practical application of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) throughout a product’s lifecycle. From strain propagation to dynamic and blockchain-secured traceability of family lineages and cultivation cycles, to the most fundamental practices of standardization, quality assurance and data security, TICA is dedicated to raising the bar for cannabis and hemp manufacturing and distribution around the world.
Led by industry leaders in pharmaceuticals, health and life sciences, agriculture and enterprise technology, our team showcases the highest level of dedication to quality manufacturing for all markets.

Track and Trace

In order to meet our mandate of providing safe, transparent and verified cannabis and hemp products to the world, TICA understood that safety and traceability throughout the complex global supply chain was paramount. Our partnership with TruTrace Technologies Inc. provides us with an industry leading technology partner, led by a team of innovators and thought leaders whose suite of blockchain-secured solutions are focused on dynamic quality assurance, global traceability, current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), as well as visibility and collaboration throughout the supply chain. Deployed by the best in the industry, this partnership gives TICA the power to provide immutable genetic and chemical data on every product in the supply, thereby bringing a quality level never before seen in the industry.