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Founded by industry pioneers and leaders, we are a global collective bringing together advancements in product quality and manufacturing with groundbreaking innovations in technology in order to facilitate an ecosystem of safe and legal cannabis products worldwide.

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TICA’s Goal

The goal of TICA is to create an environment of synergy within the global cannabis and hemp industries. It is our sincere belief that this work will serve to maximize both the quality and safety of cannabis and hemp derived products throughout the world to provide an opportunity for the best advancements in health and life sciences. 

Our association unifies the world’s most successful and innovative companies within the industry to institute groundbreaking strategies which will resonate for years to come.  By way of a collaboration with the Chinese Central and Provincial Governments, TICA aims to establish the world’s leading medical cannabis ecosystem with a distinct focus on quality and transparency. This cooperative initiative will merge the power of the Chinese market with state-of-the-art technologies and techniques to navigate dependable products through the complex global supply chain. 


TICA is established with the highest level of integrity, leadership and innovation in order to expand the possibilities that cannabis can provide to the global markets. We support collaborative efforts to help companies meet the needs of the industry.

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Learn more about the global events that support and celebrate the utilization of cannabis, hemp, and cannabis derived products within the Wellness industry.

*Due to Covid-19, all events are postponed until further notice*

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Join TICA through fundraising and industry actions meant to grow our research, development, and industry efforts.

We have a distinct focus on the ethical and safe distribution of cannabis derived products. 

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